Nisus Writer

Nisus Writer Express 3.3.2

Budget alternative to Microsoft Word


  • Elegant interface
  • Edits in RTF format for flexibility
  • Lots of powerful features
  • Good with languages


  • Takes a long time to load documents
  • Lacks some advanced features

Not bad

Nisus Writer Express is a powerful multilingual word processor that offers a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Word.

Nisus Writer Express includes a neat, elegant interface, attribute sensitive Find and Replace and an upgraded Nisus Macro Language database and Glossaries. However, it does not include more advanced features such as Table of Contents, Indexing and Bookmarks. However, the latest version has been updated to include Text Wrap around images, Glossaries, Widow and Orphan Control, Small Caps support, and an improved Find and Replace engine.

Nisus Express edits in RTF format so you can be sure that whatever you edit in it, will be editable in a wide range of other word processors.

Nisus Writer Express is elegantly presented and is packed with lots of powerful features, especially when it comes to handling foreign languages. However, there's no avoiding the fact that it is very slow, even when compared with Word. Opening documents takes far longer than it should do although Nisus Writer Express is considerably more lightweight than the Pro version.

Nisus Writer Express is an interesting and powerful word processor but is let down by the speed at which it handles documents.

You have something to say and you need a word processor that will help you say it. Express Yourself with the affordable, easy to use, multilingual word processor: Nisus Writer Express!


  • Award winning interface
  • RTF and .doc support
  • Multilingual (BiDi) text support
  • Easy to use style system
  • Built-in tables
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Powerful find and replace
  • Non-contiguous selection
  • Bullets and numbering
  • LinkBack support
  • Sections and Columns

Nisus Writer


Nisus Writer Express 3.3.2

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